Friday, April 30, 2010

I get these every day from and really liked this one. Enjoy!


I read of a New Jersey artist who capitalized on people's need to

let go of the past by selling them "guilt kits." Each kit contained

ten disposable brown paper bags and a set of instructions which

said, "Place bag securely over your mouth, take a deep breath and

blow the guilt out. Dispose of bag immediately. " Amazingly, about

2,500 kits sold at $2.50 each. But perhaps not so amazing when you

think of the guilt many of us carry around.

Of course, guilt serves its purpose. More than once I made a better

decision so that I could look myself in the mirror without blushing.

And the kits probably also serve a purpose - if nothing else, to

remind us to get rid of those unnecessary and destructive feelings

we seem to have so much trouble shaking.

But if blowing in a bag doesn't do it for you, then you might try

another man's method. He hired a friend to go into therapy for him.

He says he always hires other people to carry his baggage.

And if that doesn't work, here are a few simple steps that that

should get at the problem:

First, if you make a mistake, resolve to try never to repeat it. The

whole function of guilt is to change behavior.

We underrate our mistakes as effective learning devises. When

possible, welcome your mistake, learn from it and decide to do

things differently next time.

Second, seek forgiveness from any others who were affected. If

possible, make amends.

In Ernest Hemingway's short story "The Capitol of the World," a

Spanish father decides to reconcile with his son who has run away.

Now remorseful, the father takes out a newspaper ad in El Liberal:

"Paco, meet me at Hotel Montana noon Tuesday. All is forgiven." When

the father goes to the square he is surprised to find eight hundred

young men named Paco waiting for their fathers. We can't

underestimate the need for reconciliation and wholeness.

Finally, forgive yourself. No purpose is served in continuing to

whip yourself over past events you can do nothing about. And how

will you truly learn to love when there is one person in your life

you refuse to completely forgive?

If you follow these steps, you can rid yourself of unnecessary

guilt. You will find that you are happier and healthier - and you

can save all those brown paper bags for lunch.

-- Steve Goodier

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