Thursday, October 28, 2010

Free Class for Art Journals-Art and Healing

Lately, I have been lucky to be participating in the wonderful FREE class going on at Willowing and Friends "ning" group I belong to. I cannot describe how this class has already helped me. Being FREE, I didn't know what the quality and amount of actual "class" we would get, but Tam has outdone herself, as usual, and given us all a wonderful present of a FULL AND COMPLETE CLASS for no cost! The name of the class is "Art, Heart and Healing" and you can still take advantage of her wonderful free gift to us all. I am not sure how long this will be available, so scoot over there and grab your chance!

You still have plenty of time to enter the contest for the Extreme Glitter I am giving away in December.The ndrawing will be Dec. 15, 2010. It isn't just one bottle that is included, It is 4 Bottles! FOUR FULL BOTTLES OF EXTREME GLITTER, JUST FOR YOU! Just a nice little sparkly Christmas present...and we ladies do love our sparkles... :) Nothing like free art supplies, is there!
This picture is not what the bottle looks like. The bottles look like what the Folkart Liquid Acrylic Paint come in, with the flip-out spout. Just a little clarification there. Anyway, to sign up for the drawing, just become a follower to my little blog here, and email your name to "", so I can add it to my growing list! On another subject, I am still collecting and trading all types of mail art, so send any mailart you wish:

Laura Thykeson 
2924 Oak Court
Granbury, Texas  76048

I LOVE getting mailart, friendship books, decos, just about anything you want to send me that will brighten up my mailbox! I really look forward to those little cards and letters-they brighten my day. Get your kids and the whole family in on it too! I have gotten several things that I can tell are from kids, and I always try to send them something back, because I remember how much I enjoyed getting mail when I was little! Usually, I send handmade watercolor postcards and things like that.

If you don't know about friendship books, do a GOOGLE search (I have a search box to the right of this post, just scroll up or down til you find it) for them or try putting in "fb" into the search box also. They are often referred to in that way. If that search box doesn't work right, just go to GOOGLE. You will find information about them scattered here and there on the internet. Basically they are little paper (books) that are handmade and then traded and mailed all over the world until they wind up coming back to the person who originally made them. They are just a little something to brighten us all.

One last thing. I and some other fine women have started an art journaling group as a part of the ning community , COACH CREATIVE SPACE, and it is called "The Creative Joy of Journaling". It is for those of us who love and enjoy art journals, sketchbooks, text and visual journals, any type of journaling you can enjoy. We are doing weekly prompts right now, and you can participate in the prompts or just do your own thing and then share with us if you want! We are also all about nurturing and not judging in our group, so it is also a safe and comfortable environment! There are a lot of things about Coach Creative Space that you will love, and our group is just one of them! Dan Goodwin, the Creativity Coach, will coax the creative soul right out of you where you can see and feel it so much better! And It's Free! Just another little goodies i have found for you on here, so you won't have to look...

This is it for now, would like to mention one last thing-I welcomed TWO new grandchildren to my family this week, one day apart and both boys! Jeremy Corbin Lane, and John Sutter Moody!! All healthy and happy, and I now have four grandchildren, 2 girls, two boys, and I am loving it! More on that later!

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