Monday, October 11, 2010

Strathmore Visual Journals - Watercolor Paper Review

Recently, I was in contact with customer service at Strathmore, and I got to try out one of their mixed media paper Visual Journals. Well, I liked it pretty well, but the paper was just not quite heavy enough to suit me for some of my heavier art journal projects. So, I contacted Jeanette Giles at Strathmore again, and she was kind enough to send me BOTH types of the visual journals having the watercolor paper, one 90 lb, and the other 140 lb. I am happy to say, I think I may be in love with the 90 lb., 68 page journal! The surface on the front and back of the page is much more uniform than it is in the 140 lb, 44 page. Two-page spreads would be no problem that I could see. The second journal has a difference in the tooth between the front and back of the page. The 90 lb is also heavy enough even for any of my messy and outrageous techniques. The journals she sent me are 5.5" x 8", a perfect size for taking on the road, and I already have them packed in my "art to go" bag!

The 140 lb paper in the other journal is great for any watercolors I may decide to do, which is perfect since I have strayed off into that medium lately as well, so I am pretty well fixed up for now on journals. I still have to finish my Canson XL Mix Media journal as it still has about 30 pages not done. It is a decent journal also, considering the price, but I have to say that the Strathmore journals have a much better quality paper compared to the Canson.

Also,if you like to use glitter in your art, but don't like the way it flakes off and gets on other things, get some Folkart Extreme Glitter! It is sugar glitter in a brush on formula, and when it dries, all you can see is the glitter! It is water based, non-toxic also. I love it for some of my projects, and it comes in a really great selection of colors.

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