Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Watercolor Postcards


I have been "stuck" lately with my creating, and decided to work on some watercolor postcards to see if that could get me going again! Sure enough, they are slowly getting me back in the groove again. Here are a few of them for you to see.
These 4 are pretty well finished and are a combination of watercolors and watercolour markers. I have a set of "Fibracolor" water-based markers that work great on watercolor paper, and that is what I used on these. I also used tube and pan watercolors, depending on the colors I wanted. I bought these markers at Michael's for only about $20.00 for a set of 100 markers! You can also get them at Dick Blick's for the same price, here. Much cheaper than some of the big name brand watercolor markers and they work great! They are even acid free, archival quality! Then I used a ruler to mark off the edge and to guide the marker along the edge for a nice edging to the card. To make the cards, I have several pads of 140lb cold pressed Canson watercolor paper, size 9 x 12" and I cut each page into 4 cards of 4-1/2" x 6" cards. This way, I don't waste any paper, and they fit the guidelines of the post office for postcards. I just measure them off with a ruler and then cut with my craft scissors. You could also cut them with the fancy patterned scissors for scrapbooking and give them really neat edges if you wanted! I just thought of that...

The next two that I have here aren't finished yet...I still have to add some more designs and edge them with a complimentary color. They are both "works in progress". The "IUOMA" on the one card refers to the "International Union of Mail Artists". I often send out my postcards with art on them to new and old members of the NING group that I am a member of, and to friends I have met online. My grandaughters love to get them in the mail as well! If you are interested in joining us in mail art, here is the link to the IUOMA. It is free to join, and people from all over the world belong to the group! I have a shoe box that it quickly filling up from all of the neat cards and letters I have received from people!

The free class at Willowing is still going on-you can join by clicking on the "Art Heart and Healing" button to the right of this page...Week three is now up and going, but you can still start at the beginning and go at your own pace. Until next time-Happy Creating!!!

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