Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Exciting News! "The Altered Book Nook" is Open and an Exciting Opportunity for YOU!

I am so excited I can hardly contain myself this morning! I have finally stepped out of my normal path and after much urging by several other creative souls, I have started my own website, named "The Altered Book Nook"! It is a combination of an informative site for altered book and mixed media artists, as well as an online business presence where I will be offering vintage and handmade jewelry, digital designs to be used for greeting cards, postcards and mixed media work, as well as vintage photo images to be used for your own lovely artwork! For the first time ever, I am offering anyone interested my own personal designs to use in their own artwork. Once purchased and received, these images will be yours to do whatever you choose, even if you wish to use them in making your own art to sell! You can visit the new shop and website at the following address:

The Altered Book Nook

The shop was just opened for business yesterday, and will be a continuous "work in progress", as new items and designs are added, as well as new informative resources being added. I also plan to have a "Featured Artist of the Month", so send me a short bio, as well as 3-4 pictures and a short write-up of your work to be considered!! Isn't that exciting? You can email me at either, or at

I am smack-dab in the middle of getting everything set up, so bear with me as I work the kinks out of the site as I go. Be sure to bookmark the site so you can check back often as new information and inventory will be added daily and weekly! I just opened up yesterday, and still have SO MUCH to do, but I am SO excited I can hardly sleep, lol! I have had online businesses before, as well as several years of selling on Ebay, plus my Mother and I  had our own custom artwork and gift shop several years ago, and I KNOW that the amount of work I am going to have to put in on this project is incredible, but I am so excited about doing it! I am excited about the fact that this site is a combination of information as well as inventory! That is a new concept for me, having a combination website,  and the whole idea just FEELS RIGHT, ya know?! I really hope that it can work out well, not just for my own sake, read on for the great chance I will be offering to sell your work as well!

The Altered Book Nook  is going to be a bit of a "hybrid" website, part "informative website" with techniques, ideas, links to resources for the mixed media and altered artist (especially beginning mixed media and altered art and altered book artists!) exciting interviews with interesting and informative artists and artisans, and a lace to offer my own graphics, designs and poetry as well as offering other artists and artisans a chance to have their own items listed on the website to sell as well! That's right! I am offering you guys out there a chance to sell your items ON CONSIGNMENT in "The Altered Book! I still have to work out the details, but I have had  a lot of experience with consignment selling, as I have been on "both ends" of the consignment deal in the past. I have sold on consignment myself in several different stores in the past, but that was before everyone went "online". After I went online myself several years ago, I always was open to consignment deals with other artists and artisans, because if done correctly, it is a great deal for both parties involved! No risk up front for you and  a chance for both of us to make some extra money!! That sounds exciting, doesn't it?! I really enjoy helping others get their creations and art "out there", and it gives me a larger variety of inventory to offer to the public...! That makes it a "win-win" for everyone involved!

If you are interested in doing a consignment deal and putting your art and/or designs out there for sale, for the public to have a chance to purchase, please contact me through one of the email addresses I listed above and I will let you know how it is going to work and you can decide if you are interested.   I will also need to see photos of your work, and a short bio on yourself and your artwork so I can approve it. I am really interested in keeping this shop within the Mixed Media, Altered Book and Altered Art categories, so keep that in mind when making your submissions to be considered for a consignment opportunity. Be sure and check out my new website and shop, just remember it is in the beginning stages and is far from being complete!! So, I better go get back to work living MY dream, and hopefully, I can help you to live YOUR dream as well! Happy Creating!

Laura Thykeson

The Altered Book

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