Saturday, December 15, 2012

It Finally Happened!

Oh I am so excited...!!! I finally got my new sewing machine!!! Hubby gave it to me early for Christmas because I was moping around one day, not feeling well at all, and I suppose he took mercy on me and wanted to cheer me up. Boy, did he ever!!! He bought me  a Brother SQ9050 that will both sew and quilt, and that is just perfect for what I was wanting...It literally has hundreds of different stitches that you can change to with the touch of a button, and all of the attachments that came with it, and it embroideries and does free motion stitching, and all kinds of cool stuff! Now I just have to learn how to use it...I finally figured out the automatic needle threader part, and I started playing around on a piece of fabric, and the machine is magical, I'm telling you!!! I am going to use it until the day I's got that many features!. So-In honor of getting my machine, I have a book I would just love to give away for a drawing on my blog here. It is listed on Amazon, and somehow I ended up with two of them....

So, check out this link and you could be the lucky winner of this book! It is in brand new condition, and all you have to do is join my blog if you haven't already, and leave me a comment telling me why you would like to have this book! Another way to win is to join my NING site, L Thykeson's Mixed Media Uniques at:
and be sure to put in the little questionnare that Laura referred you to the site! Then you are automatically entered! Things are clicking right along on my new site, with videos going up and classes starting after the first if the year, and you still have time to join the Embrace the Day class I am having right now! We have a great time in that live class, lol! Just a bunch of funny women all doing funny things, lol!!! Although we do get serious when it is actual class time and I am recording the class for playback. If you join, you will have access to all of the previous shows I have done and can get caught up!

I have also made some new are the newest items along with a new journal page:

Well, that is it for me is now 4am and I need to get some sleep I suppose....

Happy creating!
Laura Thykeson
Expressive Art Facilitator
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