Friday, May 16, 2014

"Crescent Moons and Crosses" in the Midnite Hours

I am not really sure why, because I love to write and usually do a lot of it, but lately I have had a hard time getting around to doing my blog postings. Maybe that is a good thing because the posts may have been mind-numbingly boring anyway....I really haven't had much to say about anything. It is like I have been in a holding pattern, waiting for something, but not at all sure what...maybe waiting for the beginning of the next Chapter in this thing called LIFE, or trying to break the habit of waiting for the next catastrophe to happen! It is amazing how we can live a certain way for so long that it begins to feel normal! Chaos, conundrums, catastrophes, begin to seem the norm, and then-when all of that suddenly stops, we are left in the aftermath, with our hair blown all around, our possessions and emotions in shattered tatters on the ground or stuck up in trees where we can't ever reach them so we just learn to walk on without them and move foot in front of the other, until we finally begin to try to live again. Maybe that is what has been going on with me-learning to live again. Not just surviving, not just hanging on, but actually LIVING life and in a semi-normal fashion, certainly so compared to how things used to be. It feels kinda nice now that the feeling is coming back and I'm not waking up in the middle of the night afraid that it is only a temporary respite. I can revel in it and enjoy it and relax in it and now, I am finally beginning to believe in it. So much for introspection, This is my life now, and that is how I feel and I am liking it.

Anyway-on to what you came here for! ART! I have been making art in fits and spurts and starts and stops and mostly doing a lot of small things, but I did finish this mixed media painting that I like called "Cross and Crescent Moon". Here is how it began
 and how it progressed through sprays and dribbles
and layers of collage and blobs of paints
 and papers and paints and more sprays and more paints, until finally........
 It ended up looking like this and is now hanging on my dining room wall. It comforts me for some reason, not quite sure why yet but I will figure it out! I believe it measures 12 x 16" on gallery wrap canvas. It is the first actual canvas mixed media painting I have done in a while and it felt really good to do! Hope you enjoyed seeing it!
"Cross and Crescent Moon" Mixed Media Painting by Laura Shelton Thykeson 
Until later,

Happy Creating!

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