Friday, February 26, 2010

How to Get Traffic to your Site

There is really no big secret to getting traffic and views to your selected site. In a nutshell, the thing to do is use big time keywords and lots of them! It's like this- If you write about Freemason's, put in everything single word you can think of as a tag or keyword. Someone, somewhere will put that in a search engine. Of course, it helps to build up a readership by writing about something that people are interested in. Check Google out and see what is the top searches of the day and if you know anything about it, or are willing to research and come up with a new spin on it, write on that! Just be sure that you know what you are writing about-with content can come comments! People want you to aknowledge their comments with a response! So, be sure you either know the answer or are willing to find it rather soon...

Other things you can do are write primarily about what you know. If you know about art, write about art. Write everything you can come up with about art...If you know about gardening, or herbs, or drugs, or whatever-write about that! Approach each subject and study it from all directions. Think of everything you can possibly add to it as far as keywords goes and you will soon see a big increase in your traffic. You will have people reading you that are interested in the same thing.

People have a weird way of making things a lot harder than they have to be...It doesn't have to be hard at all-we can all do the same things, some of us just come to it faster than others. All it really takes is a good imagination and an open mind! Later!!!

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