Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I have discovered "inchies" !!

If you haven't tried these little buggers, you need to at least give them a try! Imagine creating a design on a 1" x 1" square piece of paper! I have made 5 so far, just to get used to the dimensions, and am beginning to feel the familiar itch of a new paper addiction! I love all things paper anyway, and I also love tiny things-so this is a recipe for disaster... Imagine laundry stacked to the ceiling and a cabinet full of dirty dishes! I have decided that since I am turning 50 next month, I am going to make up for all the years I spent catering to everyone else, and I am going to spend my time doing what makes me happy-which is anything ART!!

Anyway, I am looking for people to swap inchies with me. I want to ease into this slowly, (no 20 inchies swapped at once) so if anyone out there would like to help me get used to this new medium, I would really apprecite it if you would swap with me. Just send me an email, or leave me a comment, and we can swap out.

I have also really gotten into the swing of things with the mail art (mailart), and have sent out about 6 postcards, etc. They are beginning to arrive at their destinations, and be posted on blogs which is a kick in the pant (that's a good thing, lol) and I get really excited when I find out they have arrived. I am on the lookout for more people to trade mailart with also, so drop me a line to 2924 Oak court, Granbury, Texas  76048 if you would like to be part of the show I am trying to gather together!
Well, this is about it for today, but soon I am going to be writing about some awesome new art supplies I have tried out, as well as some great websites I found and forums and groups I have joined lately. My email box stays full all the time now, and I love it!  Goodbye and God Bless...

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