Friday, July 23, 2010

New Art Journal Pages and Prompts

Have you been working on your art journals readers?? If you have, good for you! I think an art journal gives us a greater and more in-depth view of our own inner creative self, as well as giving us a safe release of pent up frustrations or feelings we need to express. As artists and creators, we need a safe place to express ourselves, without fear. An art journal gives us that space and makes it comfortable for us to do so. If you don't already have an art journal, get an old book and some paint, or a sketchbook or even a spiral notebook and get started! It saves a ton on therapy down the road, lol!!

You will start to see that you turn more and more to your journal to express yourself and get out some of those deep-seated feelings that are bubbling around in there, deep in your soul. All those unspoken wants, needs and feelings will come out in a safe place for you to examine them and deal with them. I think this is the prime reason most people keep an art journal, and when they share their pages with you, it is a true gift of the soul! When looking at someone else's art journal, that is not a time for critique-it is a time for celebration of the trust the other person has placed in your relationship, because they wouldn't show you their journal unless they trusted you.

So, I am here to show you a few more of my pages, mostly because I want you to trust others, as well as me, and learn to open up and show others your inner self through your journal pages. And when you are creating, don't hold back-let your true, deep feelings come out and express those feelings through your art and journaling! You will become a better artist for it. So, on to the new pages for you to look at...

I hope you enjoy these pages to look at, and I hope they prompt you to examine your heart and soul a little closer and deeper, and really reach down and pull up those hopes, dreams and fears that are lurking around in your heart of hearts. You will feel like you have done some personal housekeeping once those feelings are out on paper or canvas, whatever you work on! It is a definite release of both good and bad feelings for me, and I actually feel like I have a rush of endorphins after I have done some new pages and gotten the feelings out of my thoughts and into my art. I may not be the BEST artist in the world, but my heart is in the right spot and I CARE about my art and what it does for me. That is what matters- we whouldn't aspire to be the best in other's eyes, we shou aspire to be the best for US and us alone! Remember that!! Bye til next time...

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