Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New For Christmas! Make your own Christmas Cards

I painted  both of these postcard (4" x 6") size paintings in watercolor pencil, so I could attach them to the front of folded cardstock, to make my own Christmas cards! I will probably put them on red and green, depending on which one it is, and either glue or use double sided tape to attach.

I have a complaint though...I was trying to research hand painted ORIGINAL Christmas cards, and about all I could find were "stamped" ones! I am beginning to wonder if anyone really draws anymore, between Photoshop and rubber stamps...! Anyway, mine are drawn by me, and they are originals, one of a kind. I don't ever make patterns anymore or do the same thing more than once. I like the idea of each and everything I do being unique!

Here are two more front panels for "all occasion" greeting cards, that will be attached to the front of coordinating cardstock. Then I will get Hubby to do his wonderful lettering for me on the sentiment, and it will be done! These are all done on 140lb watercolor paper, with watercolor pencils. I started doing these little paintings as a way to learn how to use the watercolour pencils, and I had always wanted to handpaint my own cards, but didn't want to use a whole sheet of watercolor paper-so I decided to do these little panels and attach to folded cardstock! Saves on using up all of my watercolor paper-I can get 4 of these postcard size front panels to use for greeting cards from a single sheet of 9" x 12" paper! Much more economical!

I suppose I will let you go on about your day now, and I am going to get back to painting my greeting cards! I want to have a good stock of them done so I can choose from them depending on the occasion!  Happy creating!!!

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