Sunday, June 19, 2011

Art Journals and Babysitting...

It is at least 120 degrees here in our part of Texas this weekend, so it was no surprise that my DH was whining for some cool water to immerse himself in and escape the heat...On top of the heat, we had a 10 year old boy, our nephew, visiting since Thursday, and he was beginning to be a bit bored with just watching the Animal Planet channel. Even the XBox was becoming old, and we have stacks of games!

It is not surprising, therefore, that the DH and "the boy" decided to head out on a road trip to Hurricane Harbor in "the big city", giving me some sweet alone time to play in my journal! After hearing about how long the lines were to do any of the really good exhibits, I am seriously glad I didn't try to go with them. This "old lady" can't handle the Texas heat anymore-I have to have my A.C! They did manage to get wet and cool, though, and had lots of fun, so the trip was a success after all...

My day was successful as well, if you consider getting to make a few journal pages "successful"! I resorted back to my permanent markers because I just wasn't up to the whole "layers" thing, plus, my style is morphing into this bright, more crisp look anyway. I just "be who I be", I suppose... Anyway, here is what I came up with:
This is my "Birthday girl" that I made for another NING site's 4th birthday celebration. I like her hair.....

These are "Give Me a Hand", "This Bud's for You" and "The Flower Girl". The "Flower Girl" and "This Bud..." were done with Pelikan brand opaque watercolors (inexpensive, and I love them for playing with!) and highlighted a bit with water soluble Portfolio oil pastels (also inexpensive and a great, creamy feel...). I just love how easily the oil pastels blend over the top of the base color, adding some dimension and depth to the otherwise flat colors. I often go back and add them to pages that I thought I had finished long ago. Just goes to show you that the journey, or the journal page creation, never truly ends...Happy creating!

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