Friday, June 24, 2011

Care to Join in a Journal Page Swap?

I have had the absolute pleasure of "meeting" (online) a lovely woman named Donna Schmidt, and she has decided to host a swap for journal pages, but we need more people to really make it fun...Why don't you join us???

The swap is for a journal page of your "Personal Life Map", and it needs to measure 9" x 6", and can be any technique you choose. If you are interested in joining us, please email me at:

and I will give you her email and mailing address. I thought it sounded like a fun summer swap to be involved in!

In other news, I have been slowly getting back into the swing of things artistically and physically, after being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I am on some new medication, and it seems to be working really well. Hopefully as time goes by, I will begin to feel better and better! I have been working in my art journal a bit this week, and have a couple of pages that are "works in progress" to share with you.

The top one is a background I did for future journaling using transparent pan watercolors, permanent marker, and water soluble oil pastels. The bottom one is done basically the same way, only I used opaque watercolors instead of transparent . I will save the one  background for another day. (I don't always journal or do pages in chronological order in my journals, but I always date them so I know when I did them.)

I started the "God give me strength " page the last evening that "the boy" (my 10 year old nephew) was here visiting, and he was getting a bit bored with us old people and more than a little restless. I was really having to use my patience with him and it made me remember how life was when my two sons were young- I also realized just how long ago it was when they were his age and how much unrecorded time had passed by since they were that young! Time certainly flies by! I decided that I needed to get busy with my art journal, because time was flying by, and I had no written or artistic record of the days! I had nothing to remind me of the time, not the mundane, routine and comforting activities of our life that everyone has, much less the fun and exciting things that had happened. That is the whole point of keeping an art journal as far as I am concerned. So, I found some quiet time and a cozy corner, and went to work again. These backgrounds and pages are what came of my efforts. The "strength" page came almost subconsciously and I felt so much better after working for a bit in my art journal-it is really therapeutic, as I am sure you know!

So the next time you find yourself letting time go by, and you are "too busy" to work in your art journal, remember-that is exactly the time when you should be keeping a record of your life! You will be glad that you did when you find yourself unwinding from your busy day, not to mention the satisfaction you will feel when you look back in your finished pages and are reminded of your days gone by! Happy Creating!

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