Friday, June 24, 2011

ICAD - Index Card A Day Challenge! Join Us!

I recently discovered the ICAD Challenge over on the "Daisy Yellow" blog and decided that it sounded just like a summer project I wanted to be a part of! Just get a pack of 3" x 5" lined index cards from the Dollar Store (or even the 24 hour drug store in the office supply section...) and create some type of art on one index card each day! It can be just a sketch or a doodle, or a full on, layered, painted, collaged, mixed media work of art if you want, just whatever you have time and energy for! The Challenge actually, officially, started around the middle of June, 2011, but you can still start anytime, no pressure or serious rules, and you don't have to play "catch up" and make a bunch of cards if you are just getting started with the "Challenge". Just begin now, and make one a day, 6 days a week (you get one day off a week), during the rest of June, July and August! Sounds like fun, doesn't it! You can also get the badge from Daisy Yellow's blog, as well as link to her blog post about the Challenge by going to her blog and following her directions for the "ICAD Challenge". She even has a FAQ and other info for you! I have a link to her blog on the right side of this blog that will make it easier for you to find her blog, or you can do a Google search for "ICAD Daisy Yellow" and it will come right up! She even has a Twitter address for posting remarks and progress, as well as a Flickr group for posting pics of your creations! So be sure and check it out, ok!?

I enjoy working on the smaller sized "canvas", and may take the opportunity to turn some of them into postcards that I can use for mail art. I am in a "Pen Pal" situation with my oldest granddaughter, age 8,  (we write letters to each other and send mail art back and forth, just for the fun of it-she loves getting mail...)and I know she would love to get some more postcards from "Ma", as she calls me, lol! I have made and sent her several postcards made from watercolor paper, but I like the idea of using something so cheap, and making it into something beautiful and meaningful to her! If you have grandchildren, nieces, or nephews, try starting a mail exchange with them if they are old enough to read and write- They will surprise you with their creativity, and your relationship will become even closer and more special! The letters that I get from her are so sweet...She always writes and tells me how much she loves and misses me, and it just really touches my heart in a special way...Abbie and I have always had a special bond, but it has grown even stronger since we have been exchanging mail and mail art! Plus you will eventually have a whole stack of cute and sweet letters and mail art from them to collage and use in your art journals and altered books or scrapbooks, as well as having introduced them to a whole new hobby (Mail Art) that they may really enjoy, especially as a summer project, or even as they grow older!

Well, I have gone on long enough about all of this, lol! I will leave it to you now, so you can go check out Daisy Yellow's blog, and get all of the details for the "ICAD Challenge". Grab a few art supplies and some index cards, and start creating those miniature works of art-and be sure to share them with someone special and brighten their day this summer and maybe even longer! It is definitely worth the time spent and you may start a whole new family tradition! Happy Creating!
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