Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mail Art and Postcards - Plus a BIG Thank You!

First of all, I would like to thank Cindy Lavin for the beautiful beads and clasp that I won from her blog giveaway! She writes the blog Mazeltov Jewelry at Mazeltov Jewelry , where you can find some really beautiful hand-crafted and vintage pieces! I am still drooling from my visit to her site! There was a necklace she just posted that really got me going....Thanks again, Cindy!

Well, while I have been debating over what to make my new gorgeous beads into, I have been working on some ATC's and Postcards. Here are a few of the ATC's I have made:

This is called "Rose Series #1"

This one is titled "She Laughs"

This one is titled "Flower Series #5"

I did these in watercolor, with found
poetry added after they dried.

This one is not titled...Why don't you help me name this one by leaving your ideas for a good name in the comments section! Thanks!

These are all mixed media, using opaque watercolors and permanent ink. I have had several people ask me what brand watercolors I am using on these because they are so vivid. They are the Pelikan Brand, in pans, and I love them! I also have the Lukas Brand, Pans, but they are not quite as vivid as the Pelikan Brand. Neither set is expensive at all, and they both come in a sturdy plastic hinged lid carrier.

I have also made a few postcards, as I love sending those out to people as "Random Acts of Art Kindness" like Milliande suggests on her Ning website! It sure helps on those days that the mailbox is full of bills!

This is a postcard I painted, along with using colored pencil and permanent ink titled "Daisies and Bee" These always measure 4-1/2" x 6". That way I can get 4 postcards from a 9" x 12" sheet of watercolor paper.
An finally, here is the last one today (I made lots more but I was afraid I would bore you!) This is simply named "Birds and Sun".

Well, I hope you have enjoyed looking at these colorful little pieces of "Random Art Kindness"! Soon they will be arriving in someone's mailbox to brighten their day!

Happy Creating!

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