Monday, March 19, 2012

Take a moment for someone else... Mail art and Postcards

"Sunshine Daisies"
 My life has been so full of blessings and love lately that I suddenly stopped and realized not only how lucky I was, but that I really needed to "pay it forward". I remembered that I had the address for the perfect way to pay my debt...

I have decided to start making some greeting cards and postcards and sending them to the "Card Care Connection" for cancer patients. I love working in that size anyway, and it is the best "excuse" I know of to take a little time out from "me stuff" and think about someone else for awhile. The address, if you are interested in doing the same thing, (which would just thrill me to death if you would...) is below:

Card Care Connection
112 Saddlehorn Court
Fenton, Missouri  63026

I bet if you took a little time and examined your life, you would realize how blessed you are, just like I did. I have the bad tendency to get way too inside my own head, and an ongoing project like this is just the thing to get me thinking about others that may not be as fortunate, or are sick and possibly lonely and down in spirits. I have spent my share of time in the hospital, and I know how depressing and lonely it can feel at times, and a cheery postcard or greeting card, especially from a total stranger, sounds like just the thing that would have cheered me up! Especially if it was a handmade one!!!

Here are a few of examples of the postcards that I sent-

Hopefully, these will brighten someone's day just a bit. I know it makes ME feel happy sending them out and thinking of making a person's day just a little easier for a minute or two!

I love doing mail art, and the next time that I send some out in the mail, I may decorate the envelopes as well. I think my mail lady likes it when I do that... Well, I have kept you distracted for long enough, so back we go to our normal lives...I don't know about you, but I sure do feel a lot happier now than I did before I sent out those cards!!

Happy creating!

Laura Thykeson

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