Sunday, June 24, 2012

Art Dolls, and a FREE GIVEAWAY!!!!

I have discovered something new (for me anyway....) that has been really keeping my attention lately! I have been making a few art dolls, just for the heck of it! I thought I would share them with you, so I am including the template I made to use as a pattern, plus I have a couple finished for you to see. I am sure there are many of you giggling at my first attempts at making art dolls, but hey, I had fun making them and that's what counts isn't it!!

First of all, here is the template I drew for my pattern:

The first doll that I made was very simple, and here is a photo of her....:

The second doll I made is a little larger (much easier to work with, lol...) but still not too large...She is blue with blue and gold seed beads around her head, and blue and white fibers around her neck for some added interest. I also sewed lace around the entire bottom part of her to dress her up a bit. Below is the finished product:

I did the faces by first applying gesso in a basic circle, then painting on the eyes and mouth with a tiny detail paint brush. I also added an orange plastic button that has a "smiley face" in the center of it, to add a little "pop" of color...

These were really fun to make for something different, and feel free to use my pattern if you want to make a really simple and quick art doll for you to make. Make some for little gifts, package adornments, for a grandchild, or for a friend as a unique, handmade gift! Don't be afraid to dive into these-they are super fun!!!

Last, but not least-I am having a FREE GIVEAWAY on the hand painted wooden bangle bracelet I have pictured here!!! It is hand made by me, and even hand cut to my specs by a gentleman I used to do business with...Below are some photos of the bracelet:

 It is hand painted with a lovely pink and green hibiscus flower design, then coated with a nice, clear varnish to protect it. It should last for years to come! It will fit the average size wrist and looks lovely and very Spring-like when on!

To win the bracelet, just leave a comment including your email address, and on July 15th, I will have a drawing and email the lucky winner so I can get their mailing address! You can enter to win up until July 15th, after which I will be conducting the drawing and I will email the winner-GOOD LUCK!!!!

Happy creating!

Laura Thykeson
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