Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New Art Journal Pages from "Embrace the Day" and a Giveaway!!!!

My new workshop is coming along just wonderfully, and I thought I would show you a pic of one of my page spreads that I did for the emotion of the week last week, which was "Fear". Since this is more of a content driven course and not a techniques driven course, The artwork is more intense and symbolic than "pretty". I am also doing more writing than I normally do on my journal spreads, and it isn't all about sunshine, rainbows and unicorns, so to speak. This is "gut spilling" stuff, and this workshop has already helped ME a lot, even though I am the one teaching it! Here is my spread I did for "Fear":

It is never too late to sign up for this Expressive Arts class, as it will be an ongoing course for quite some time. The neato thing is that you can "pay as you go" by the month, at only $10.00/every 4 weeks. We will be covering 25 different emotions, both positive and negative, and learning new coping skills for both types of emotions. It is all about achieving balance and getting all of the JOY out of each day that we can! Each live lesson lasts 30-45 minutes, with live interaction with me if you want, or you can watch the recorded show later, in your own time. It is held live at 2pm Central, 3pm Eastern, every Tuesday, plus it is recorded for watching at your leisure! Pamela Joy is also going to make an appearance or two during my course, with one show being about binding loose journal pages together to make your own book from your Expressive Arts journaling you will be doing. To sign up for the course, you can go here and find the information and the Paypal button at the top of the page:

Pamela Joy Purses and Joyful Art Mixed Media NING Site

Journal for "Embrace the Day"

Along with my course, Lorrie Jonas will have a more traditional journaling course starting soon if you are interested in something like that. The fabulous thing is that this has to be the best NING site I have ever belonged to. All of the members are just so encouraging and uplifting, and it is a nicely active site and a great place to make friends!

You will find my own particular room on the site at:

Laura Thykeson's Fun Room

I often have challenges and drawings and contests, along with free tutorials and more. I would love to see you there!

Embrace the Day!!!
So, come join us, and see what a big surprise I have planned for the next couple of weeks....I am going to be having a drawing for another handpainted bangle bracelet that I have for the members of my new workshop course!!! Details will be announced soon!!!! Here is what it looks like from a few different angles...I think it turned out well. The design was painted on with no pattern, I just "freehanded" it.

So, that is the latest news from me, and I look forward to seeing and talking with you in my new workshop! Remember, you can sign up for it at:


Until then,
Happy Creating!!!

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