Friday, November 2, 2012

Bracelet Giveaway...

Hello All! Hope this finds you all feeling healthy and happy! I myself have been battling the flu for about a week and a half, but I think I finally got the upper hand on it now.... I have just a few things to show you, since I was sick all this past week.

First of all, anyone who decides to join, or is already a member of my workshop "Embrace the Day" at (this is where the sign up link is. Once you sign up, you will be sent the link to the class....)you will automatically be entered to win this bracelet hand painted by myself. Here is what it looks like:

The workshop is only $10.00 every 4 weeks, and you can jump in at any time and not miss out on anything! The "pay as you go" option makes it nice so that you don't have to pay the whole amount up front! The workshop deals with one emotion every week, both positive and negative, and we focus on Expressive art and writing content more than techniques, so you don't have to be "an artist" or "a writer" to do just fine in this workshop! In other words, "no talent? no problem!"!

The drawing for the bracelet for class members will be held on November 30, 2012, to see who the lucky winner is. The workshop is held live each Tuesday at 2pm Central time, and it will also be recorded so if you can't make the live show, yu can catch up by watching the recorded show. I have been getting some really good feedback on this class, and would love to have you all join us as we learn to "Embrace the Day", and get all of the JOY out of life that we possibly can! At only $10.00 every 4 weeks, it isn't too hard on the wallet.

Above is a peek at what I did for the first week of class, where the emotion for the week was "Fear". You will have all week to work on your pages, doing both journaling and artwork (whether collage, drawing, painting or a combination of all of them) and we will share our pages and writings (only if you wish to) with each other live, or you can just stand back and do the work on your own. Each week, we explore all the different facets of each new emotion for the week. I hope you come join us, as this little workshop has already proved to be beneficial to several of the people that are taking the workshop!

In other news, I have been working on a few things, but being sick, I haven't been very productive. I have covered a few composition notebooks and decorated them for some classes that I am taking for myself. I believe that "when we stop learning, we stop living", so I always try to stay active in some type of class. Right now, I am working more on my writing than my art, but I am still doing plenty of both!

I also wanted to show you the neat metal heart I found at the thrift shop that I am going to incorporate into some type of art piece. I just have to think of the "just right" design and format to use it. But isn't it awesome! I just love the details in it....we will see what the future holds for this item....and so, until next time,

Happy Creating!
Laura Thykeson
Expressive Arts Facilitator
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