Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Workshop - "Embrace the Day"

I hope that this finds you feeling well and "arty"! I just wanted to drop a line about my new workshop that is going on, that you can jump into at any time! It is all about learning to deal with emotions, both good and bad. I have one participant who just overcame her fear of being Live online, after only her first class! Yaayyy  for her!! Each week, we deal with one emotion, and talk it over live (only if you want, if not you can just watch and listen) on my Linqto channel, and you can even share your journal pages from the week before if you want! The awesome thing about it is that it is a "pay as you go" type of class, and only costs $10.00 for every 4 weeks of classes! I have class live, each Tuesday at 2PM Central time, 3PM Eastern, and I will also be recording the classes so you can watch later if that isn't a good time for you. If you would like to join us, just email me at and I will give you the information about the class! This is a CONTENT driven workshop, and not a TECHNIQUE driven class, so it is great for anyone, whether you consider yourself and artist or writer or neither. Anyone can benefit!

Changing the subject, I just wanted to share a journal page I made lately with you...just something to look at, no big deal...

Plus, here is the journal I made just for "Embrace the Day"! I love how this turned out, and the class is going so well, I hope you all come and join us in learning how to get the most JOY from every day!
Although this course has already started, there are still about 19 or 20 weeks left, plus the shows are all recorded, and you can work through them at your leisure. You will be supplied with the link after payment through Paypal at!!! Thanks

Happy creating!


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