Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Happiness is....

Happiness is being alive and being able to make another blog post, even if it makes no sense half od the time....
Happiness is looking forward to Christmas after a lifetime of dreading the holiday season because of sad memories....
Happiness is living through a heart attack and still being in relatively good shape....
Happiness is knowing that some of you will actually read this and maybe stop and think for a few minutes about what makes YOU happy!

This week, I took an old, wooden recipe box I got for 25 cents at the Goodwill and turning it into a "Blessings and Gratitude" box. I pit several teeny tiny journals in it, along with a pen, and now it is setting on my nightstand, waiting for me to sum up my day of being gratedul each night before I go to sleep. Here is what it looks like now and how I did it...It was a "no brainer", but I loved it after I finished it, especially when a couple of friends of mine suggested what it would be great to be used for!! I added in on the inside about 4 of my "teeny-tiny" journals and a pen so I can record my good things that happen each day...
This video takes anout 45 minutes to watch, and it is really nothing special in the way of techniques, but after the year I have had, it means the world to me...I have so much to be grateful for, and have received so many blessings...I am so happy to just wake up each day to greet the world of possibilities that each day holds!  Life is truly what we make it, and I intend to make mine as wonderful and peaceful as I can, and truly hope that you try to do the same...

I also finished a fabric painting done with Lumiere paints on black canvas cloth to make into a journal cover, but I will show you that after I have covered my journal with it...give you a little something to look forward to, lol! Besides, I need to build the journal first, lol....

Well, it is getting late, and hubby has he flu, so I suppose I will go for now and check on him...He was really sick last night, high fever, chills, coughing...the whole nine yards. I finally got his fever down and he is feeling just a bit better, but not much, so I better get back to my "nursing duties.

Happy Creating, and remember-"Blessings and Gratitude". Thinking of these each day will make a big change in how peaceful your life can be!!! OH-before I forget, there will be a new workshop/course coming up after the first of the year....more on that later! Plus, check out my new NING site! I just couldn't stay away, lol...like I don't have enough to do already....

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