Monday, December 24, 2012

It's Christmas Eve...

It's Christmas Eve and I bet my grandbabies are just sweating bullets waiting for tomorrow morning, when they can wake up and see what Santa brought them!!! I remember those days when my children, their parents, were little, and my two sons would drive me nearly crazy wanting to open a present usually I would give in and let them each open one a day or so before Christmas morning....but I got to choose which one, lol!!! I always tried to make sure it was the box of socks or underwear I had gotten them, just because they needed some anyway...what a letdown it was for them, lol!!!! That's what they get for being so rotten, lol......

Well, if the last few days are any indication, the new year is going to hold a lot of polymer clay work in it for me...I have loved working with the stuff, and made these brooches that can now be found in my Etsy Shop...

I love the one on the bottom, and the blue heart is also a favorite of mine....Check out my Etsy Shop, L Thykeson's Uniques and see if there is anything new you might like!

I also am going to let you see a peek of my fabric journal cover that I painted...I just need to decide which journal to put it on....but here it is...

The lighting kinda took some of the color out of the picture, but you get the general just has more depth and shading than the pic shows....

Well, that's it for me, and I am looking forward to a great New Year with my new Design Teams, Altered and Crafty Link and Pamela Joy Purses and Mixed Media! Along with my own NING site, L Thykeson's Mixed Media Uniques ! 

I will be keeping busy, that's for sure! I will be still teaching the class "Embrace the Day", as well as a new class I am going to start in January that I will discuss more about later...if you like altered books and altered art, you are going to LOVE this class!!! But I will tell you about it soon...

Until then-
Happy Creating, and have a safe and happy Holiday Season!

Laura Thykeson
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