Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Piece a Week...

Perhaps you have heard about, or maybe even joined the group on Facebook, "A Piece A Week", created by Rita Juse-Cirkse. People from all over the world have come together and vowed to try to make one art piece a week for 2013. We are also supposed to blog about our progress, and so in the spirit of things, here is my first installment for that group! I have been working on my art journal pages for my class, "Embrace The Day", and have finally gotten pretty well caught up. Here is what the pages look like...

The bottom piece is my "Fairy Art Mother" that I made as the introduction to Tamara Laporte's big project for this year, Life Book 2013! I regretted missing out on it last year, and heard such great things about it that I decided to join with them this year! I think it is going to be a great time and I will learn a lot from all of the participating artists...I am going to do a bit more shading and such to her, but you get the general idea here...

These ATC's are some that I made for a swap of The Art Colony NING site by Thaneeya McArdle...the swap idea was to make ATC's out of scraps and junk that we recycled into art. I used old sheet music, pieces of scrapbook paper, old Christmas tree ornaments, even old costume jewelry pieces and several of them are on a base made from an old envelope box. I really enjoyed making these, and will probably make some more to swap with other artists! I have been enjoying making ATC's lately that have a 3D effect, like these below that I made using polymer clay elements that I made. Here is a look at a few of them...

These were all really fun to make and swap with others! I used an Exacto knife and various other things from around the house to cut out the shapes, then used some small picks and carving tools to add in the texture to several of them...I then finished them up with some fibers, vintage beads from old costume jewelry and various other items. I really like the way that these turned out! I think that the 3D look is so much more exciting to work with...Maybe these will give you an idea of how to make some of your ATC's in the future! I enjoy swapping with other artists from time to time, and these went really fast, although I do have some more if you are interested in trading. Just email me at, and let me know you want to swap and I will get one or two in the mail to you!

Happy creating-

Laura Thykeson

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