Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Angel and Expressive Art Collage

I have recently started a new class at and it is a spontaneous collage and writing exercise that is sure to help you discover and come to terms with some of those deep seated feelings that you might not have realized that you felt. If you would like to join the FREE class, you can go to my NING site, by using the above link, and go to the Groups section and sign up for "Discovering Myself". The group is free, and we will be exploring spontaneous collage and writing, sharing with each other within the group, plus there will be videos, my input through my posts and writing, and a live class once a month! Come and join us-it starts on January 16th, 2013, and I have already posted several examples of my own work, as well as having other people that have signed up. There is also a short Intro video, letting you know what supplies you will need for the class. You will only need a journal, a pen or pencil, images or old magazines for collage, and some glue or a glue stick! More info is on the page where the class is located, which is here:

Also, I have made another Angel for the swap over at, and here she is...
I like this one much better than the first one I made, and I think I may make a few more...remember-if you leave a comment for this post, you might win a free angel painted by me! So be sure to leave me your email address, or some way to contact you, and you can be entered in the drawing for the angel...

Here are a few more of my own spontaneous collages that I have done. These have some deeply personal writings that go along with them, and if you join my class, you will be able to see both the collage and the writing that goes along with each one. I felt safe within the confines of the class group to post the entire collage along with it's writing for the rest of the members to see what the process is like.

These collages are a wonderful way to get more in touch with yourself, and besides that, they are just plain fun! Come join us for a safe, judgement-free zone to express yourself and your creativity! This has been a wonderful way for me to loosen up each day before I move on to other creative things I am doing. Hope to see you there! We may also move into some "spontaneous art journaling" as the class goes on, so it should be great fun!

I put the link above if you want to join us-I would love to have you!

Happy creating!

Laura Thykeson

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