Sunday, January 6, 2013

Angels, Glues and A Blog Giveaway!

Guardian Angel #1 - First in a series
Hello all!

I just wanted to share a little something with you that I did last night. She is an angel I have made for a swap on the website I belong to, Pamela Joy Purses at She measures 5 x 7" and is done on a sturdy canvas board. We are all participating in a "Guardian Angel" swap, and this is my contribution. It has also inspired me to do a few more angels, so this will be the first of several that I am going to do. I did this one in acrylics and metallic paint for the background, and the angel is done in acrylics. I am going to be doing more of these, and this has inspired me to do a blog GIVEAWAY! I will be giving away an angel I have painted on a 5 x 7" canvas to one lucky winner that leaves a comment on my blog posting for this week! Just comment below, and you will be entered to win a new little Guardian Angel painted by "little old me"...I will pick the winner at random, and contact you for your address, so please leave your email address somewhere in your comment below so that I can contact you. I may give away more than one, so keep checking back-you could be one of the lucky winners!

The next few ANGELS I do are going to be a little more elaborate, with some collage and mixed media added into the painting. I have some great ideas for this Angel theme, and can't wait to get started!

I have also been playing with my new gouache paints, and I have to say that using the ones in the tubes is even more fun than using the pan paints! If you have never tried this medium before, give it a whirl...I really like the ease of using them, they mix and clean up with water, and go on like watercolors! Just wonderful to work with, and I think my next ANGEL may be done in this medium! I am thinking of combining the gouache paints along with Gelatos and watercolor crayons to see how that mixture and combination of art mediums will work together...I will post my results after I have finished...

I recently got a question about the type of glue that I use on some of my projects. Because I keep my glue in an Elmer's Glue bottle, people were thinking that was the glue I was using...Actually, I have a special mixture of glue that I use, which is a combination of Elmer's Glue-All, Matte medium, and some other types of glue that are mixed together and then kept in the Elmer's Glue bottles because I like using the lids on those bottles for the application of my glue, lol! I recently came up with this glue mixture, and I have to say that it works great! Doesn't wrinkle my paper, has a great consistency and will hold everything I have used it on! Also, I still love my dual temp glue gun, and will use it along with E6000 on various projects...It usually depends on how fast I want the glue to dry, and the hot glue will stick really fast, where the E6000 may take a little while to set. So it just depends on the project as to what glue I will use...Thanks for your question, Eileen!!

Happy Creating!

Laura Thykeson

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