Thursday, January 24, 2013

Product Review-Lyra Polycrayons

I had never heard of these Lyra PolyCrayons, but I bought a set, which arrived today, and I am in arty love with them! The scanner just cannot show the vividness and richness of the colors of these little wonderful bundles of color! I bought the set of 24, which I highly recommend, and if you have never heard of them, they are basically the same premise of a watercolor crayon, except they are square like a pastel, water soluble, and have no paper wrapper. The box look like this:
Lyra PolyCrayons
And when I decided to try them out, I just piddled around with an abstract floral ATC, and the colors are just scrumptious! Well worth the money in my books...Here is what I did just playing with the color using an aqua brush:
Lyra Floral Abstract
See how vivid the red and blue are?? Just think how pretty they would be if you were really trying to make a nice painting! Anyway, I just wanted to share my new find with you, and encourage you to try them out, even if you have to order them like I did from Jerry's Artarama...(I just got a new catalog....dangerous...)

Along other lines of creativity, I am still working on my spontaneous collages, and I have also been asked by a couple of people to make a video tutorial for my "teeny tiny books", so I may do that later or tomorrow, since it is already nearly 3am..but that is when I get the most creative! Actually, I think that I may make some more atc's and postcards, this time taking my time and making some nice ones for trading...I just wanted to shre my new find with you, so....

Happy Creating!
Laura Thykeson

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