Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Would You Like an Art Home?

Hello All!
Faith Gives Us the Courage to Fly!
I have been back to my old self lately, making art again, mostly collage work and some free motion stitching added to a couple (I got the coolest sewing machine for Christmas from hubby!) I have also been back to making my spontaneous collage pictures that I do the writing exercises with and these are quickly becoming something that I can't do without. They spur on my creativity to do other things and really get those creative juices flowing!
Watching Life
Swimming Against the Current
I am having a free class where we are doing these great collage and writing exercises, and if you are looking for a fun, no pressure arty home, you should check out my site at
It is free to join, and always will be, and there are always classes and cool things going on. There are several groups already formed, and I have lots of ideas for future Swaps, Contests, and Classes that are continually being formed or are in the planning process.

I also have been making some postcards for trades and swaps over on Thaneeya McArdle's site "The Art Colony" where I am a member. I belong to several art sites, plus have my own, and the joy and friendship I get from each one is just wonderful! I would love it if more people would pop over to my site and join us as well!

I have been thinking about having an art contest and actually offering prizes, but in my art contest, there will be no Entry Fee! I don't personally care for the art contests where you have to pay an entry fee....never has really turned me on, so to speak, so I thought I might have a contest and offer prizes instead! If you would like to be a part of the contest, or any of the other things going on at my site, just pop on over and join us-I would love to have you!


I am just mad over teeny tiny books!

More teeny tiny books!!!

and more and more teeny tiny books!!!
I have also been hooked lately on making these tiny books, and have several finished and ready to trade if you are interested. You can always find me at my website, and if you come over to play with me, we can talk about swapping some art or having a contest, or having a class or tutorial!

Happy creating!
Laura Thykeson

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