Saturday, March 23, 2013

New Watercolors Product Review, Giveaway and other Info!

Hello All!!!

I am so glad to be back on my blog and posting again...I have been a bit busy with my classes going and all, such as "Alter Me Silly", where we are slowly going through altering a book MY way, lol! We are each using the largest measuring book we feel we can handle, and mine measures 10 x 14 inches, and is a blast to do!! You can click on the class name above and still sign up to take the class if you are interested. (it is only $15.00 for 6-8 weeks of classes!) We are up to week 3, which will be done this weekend, and all of the beginning classes, supply list and all of the chatter back and forth is all there if you want to work at your own pace! This next week, we are going to get into the DETAILS of the pages, and I will show how I build up the designs and layers of hand done and collage details to finally have a finished page or is going to be FUN, so join us if you can!!! Below is a sample of the type work we will be doing (bear in mind this is just a sample, and not the exact page we will be doing...all of my pages are distinctly unique, and yours will be on each picture to see them larger and with more detail.)

Samples of Altered Book Page Styles We will be Doing
Also this week is the last week to enter for the Freebie Gifties! Just send me an email at telling me why YOU should be the winner, and I will be choosing the winner(s) this week! Remember I had the QuicKutz Shapes Die, as well as the adorable Bali Bag Tote/purse Pattern! Someone will win either one or both of these little gifties, so be sure to get your name in the hat for the drawing this week!
Die for Giveaway!

Pattern for Giveaway
Now, on to other things...I bought some of these watercolors that are a pan watercolor, and there are 28 colors (full pans) in a white plastic container, with a clear lid. I have taken a photo of them and here is what they look like...
They have NO NAME stamped on them anywhere, and the packaging is gone. I had not used these until this morning, and even though these were very inexpensive (around $10.00), they cover and hold their vivid color beautifully! They are an OPAQUE watercolor, not a transparent watercolor, which is what I love about them. They are like a gouache, very creamy and nice consistency when wet, and cover just great. I believe they are made by Loew-Cornell and are either the "Simply Art" or the "Assorted Dry Pan Watercolors". Either one is the same as what I have here, you can get this set for around $10.00, and they are fantastic for doing backgrounds in altered books and many other artistic ideas! For example, I will (and have already) used them in my altered books with great success. The colors are very vivid, and cover quite well, plus you can build up the colors because they are the opaque watercolors and not the transparent kind. They are also great for me when I want to do ATC's, and even smaller art, or make postcards to send out to my arty friends. When I do that, I use a light spray coating of either Matte or Satin Krylon clear varnish with them to protect them from smearing or blotting if they should happen to get wet along the way to their new owner.

Anyway, don't be afraid to use inexpensive art supplies on your altered books and other small art! I love experimenting with art supplies, and these less expensive items allow me to be able to experiment and not worry about messing them up...and I really recommend having a can of the clear Krylon spray varnish in the type coating you want, whether satin, shiny, or matte!! It is also great for use over acrylics, so it is a great all around supply to have!

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