Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Watercolor Mystery Solved and Last Chance for Giveaway!

I have solved the problem of the watercolor mystery...I had posted these a few days ago and bragged about how well they worked, but after unwrapping them, I had no idea who they were made is a pic of them....
I have solved the mystery...They are the "Artist's Loft" brand that you find at Michael's! They are a store brand I believe, because they have a ton of stuff by that brand name, and although cheaper, they are mostly really good products! I have used the tube acrylics by that brand, and love them...I compare them to the Liquitex Basics brand personally, and will take them any day of the week to work with, especially for the price of $3.99 per tube..

While in the store today, which is going to be the ruin of me (now hubby is hooked also...), I also found another great deal-
although blurry, this is a 24 piece set of brush tip markers. They only cost $4.99!!! The brand is Recollections, and if they only last 10 times and then dry up, they are still a steal, because then I will rip them apart and use the fiber inside that holds the ink as the base for some homemade alcohol inks! I say "Never let anything go to waste"!  I love shopping and finding what I think are deals, although sometimes I do get burned, like with the "Glitter Blast" that exploded in my art studio and all over me, but that is a story for another time...just remember that anything with "Blast" in the name could be a bit dangerous...

Well, my altered book class is coming along great, even if I did get just a bit delayed on my videos..It is all good though..everyone will still get the same amount of lessons, it may just take a few days longer to wrap up the classes...we are starting to get into the details, and it is really getting interesting I hope! You can still join us by clicking on this link...Alter Me Silly. It is only $15.00 for the class and it is a 6-8 week class! Not bad for everything you will end up learning and doing...Email me at for details if you are interested!

Now, onto the really fun stuff! I am having a Freebie Giftie Giveaway on TWO things!-the Die cut Shapes, and the Bali Bag pattern...I will be doing the announcement Friday, the 29th of March, and there is still time to enter the drawing....just email me at, telling me why you need to be the big could win one or BOTH of the prizes!!!! Whooppeeee!!!! I will be waiting to hear from you, and the winner(s) will be announced on Friday here on my blog!!!! So be sure to enter!

Until Friday then,

Happy creating!!!!

Laura Thykeson

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