Sunday, March 3, 2013

News and Gifties!

Hello All!
I am in a great mood, the weather is goregeous and I decided it was time to have a blog giveaway! I have two things I am going to give away, and you have the chance to win both if you are lucky!!!! The first freebie giftie is a die made by Quickutz!!! It is a "Shapes" die, and I see where this can be used for all kinds of things! It has 4 different designs. It is made to be used with a Revolution Table-Top Die Cutting Machine, and somehow, even though I have NO die cutting machines, it ended up in my stash and although it has been opened, it has NEVER been used! So, in order to win this first blog giftie you have answer the question bwlow:

If you were on a desert island, and had some paper but nothing else, what other art supply would you absolutely have to have and What would you create?

I  know that is a strange question, but I am doing some research and your answers will help me, lol!!!

New art journal I altered for myself
Now, on to the second giftie. It is for those of you that love to work with fabric  and sew and things like that. I love to play with fabric also, but I accidentally got 2 of these patterns, and decided to giftie one to you guys! So, to win this little freebie giftee, you have to answer the question below:

What does the acr of creating give to you that nothing else in the world gives you? Please go into a bit of detail, just a few sentences.

Bali Bags Patterns front and back

Now, to answer the questions, please send them in an email to me at and put "Blog Giveaway" in the subject line. I will go through them all and decide who has the most intriguing answer, and "Poof!" you will be the lucky winner! Remember, you have the possibility to win both items, so think about it a bit before you send your answers, lol! I am really looking forward to reading your responses!

I am also having a last minute sign-up time this week for late comers who want to take my $15,00 "Alter Me Silly" class for altered books. I still have people signing up, even though the cut-off date was originally Feb. 25th! So, if you are interested in joining us for the 6 week class that only costs $15,00, please send me an email ( asking for sign-up instructions and we will get you into the class. Would love to have you join us!!!! Until next time-
Happy Creating!!!

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