Sunday, March 3, 2013

Handmade art Postcards and other Arty Things


Here are two of the altered book covers I have made lately, while getting geared up for my altered book class "Alter Me Silly" which just started on March 1st, 2013! It's not too late to join, and it is only $15.00 for a 6 week class, and are we ever going to have fun! We are getting the largest book we can find and altering it from the cover on in!!! I have already posted the first couple of videos, and there will be both live and recorded classes, videos and maybe a bit of PDF's. Most of it will be "hands on" class work, and we are going to try pop-ups, niches, shadowboxes, altered text and found poetry, and anything else we can think of to do to our huge book! Members of the class have had a great time trying to be the one that finds the largest book to alter, such as old atlases, old art coffee table books and more!
Altered book page spread example
Fabric and mixed media altered book covers!
Above are some more examples of some of the types of things we will be doing. In my classes, I show you the tips and techniques, and we focus on helping you to develop your own unique style! I want you to find your OWN creativity, and this class, "Alter Me Silly" will do just that! You will have to join my NING site, but that part is free, and things are really starting to get fun over there! You might want to come join us, or if you know a beginner or intermediate artist, pass the word on to them...There are also free classes where we do collage and creative writing, and I have several other things in mind for this new year!!

Collage Examples
Well, I will leave you with all of this eye candy, and I hope that you will join us in class and even just join us at my NING site, I would be so happy to have you with us, and hope to see you there! So, until next time, Happy Creating!!!!

Laura Thykeson

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Laura Thykeson's Altered Book Pages and Spreads photoset Laura Thykeson's Altered Book Pages and Spreads photoset

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