Thursday, February 4, 2016

Seeing Signs of Spring...

I know most of us are still in the colder part of the year, but lately I have been obsessively seeking out signs of spring, maybe to keep me from going stir crazy from staying in out of the cold! My man (aka TP) have been cooped up with each other 24/7 most of the winter and we haven't turned in the Donner Party yet, so I guess we have braved the winter pretty well! That poor groundhog that they drag out of his hole every February has seen his shadow, so we all know what that means, but don't you feel sorry for the poor thing?? He's been asleep for HOW LONG and suddenly he is pulled out of his bed and thrust right into the spotlight and a crowd of people...I bet he suffers from PTSD, don't you? Anyway, enough about the groundhog..let's talk Spring!

Hester - The Court Jester

Breathe in and Relax, Steampunk Style

Birdy and gear Pendant on brass filigree back

LISTEN to the JOY in your HEART
As you can see, I have been busy with an old/new media...I used to make jewelry, but it was more traditional. Lately I have become obsessed with making "Art Jewelry". Art Jewelry is a bit more elaborate and unusual than the more traditional jewelry, but the only thing is you have gotta be BRAVE to wear my stuff, lol! The butterflies are over 3 inches wide, and "Hester" is a brooch..large but lightweight. I have developed a process that makes for a very sturdy substrate for the jewelry, and keeps the piece from being so heavy.
Butterfly #1

Butterfly #2
I love these butterflies, even though they are larger than what most may be used to. Remember,  this is ART Jewelry and is supposed to be over the top...

The pieces at the very top of my page are smaller and less "in your face"...They are a bit more mainstream, but still have that "Art Jewelry" look. If you want to see the rest of my work as well as vintage jewelry and more, just click on the links below. I would love to be able to help you choose something new and Unique for yourself, or that special someone!

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Come by and check my shops out! If I can make up something special for you, please let me know!

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