Thursday, December 10, 2015

Easy Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Hello and Happy Holidays to you all...I am just about ready for Christmas, which is a good thing, since it is going to happen whether I am ready or not! I have 4 beautiful grandchildren, 2 boys and 2 girls, and they are at the age where they all like MONEY ($$$) as much or more than if I had searched for months for that perfect gift!! So this year, I am leaning toward just a dollar amount and I am NOT going to fall for any gift cards..just cold hard CASH!!

But-if you have someone to buy for, either young or old, here are a few last minute gifts that the recipient will love and possibly cherish that don't take a lot or time or money...all you will need for this first one is some coordinating scraps of cardstock and scrapbook go to the local Dollar Store for a few more items...

This is a paperback Bible from the local dollar store that I have recovered using scrapbook paper, cardstock, washi tape, lots of glue, chipboard embellishments and other odds and ends...the Bible cost a dollar, and I already had all of the other things in my stash...took me maybe an hour and change to make this, from start to finish...Behold:
Bible Front

Bible Back
I really like how this turned out...It is a nice sized book, and with the new covering on it, it should last the recipient for a long time...not to mention the memories and warm feelings it will invoke when they think of who made it for them! Handmade gifts are always a big hit, and the fact that they are a "one of a kind" makes them even mire special...Next up...the Bible and Scripture Journal that is an altered composition notebook, again from the dollar store, and using bits and pieces, scraps and whatnots from your stash...Great for studying scriptures and journaling about how they make you feel, or your thoughts on them...
Bible and Scripture Journal Front

Bible and Scripture Journal Back

Altered hardback blank Journal for Bible Study

Altered hardback blank Journal for Bible Study
These two were super easy to make, it helps that they each have rather hard covers, because when you are recovering these, it seems to go a bit faster...I use hot glue on mine, and E6000 glue on the outside embellishments to make them really hang on there...the hardback blank journal came from Walmart in the art section and cost less than $10.00 (I think that's right)...they just started carrying these books about maybe a year ago...Anyway, covering these two journals took me maybe an hour and a half, or two hours each at the most...still using scraps and embellishments from my stash...You can also make a Bible and a Journal to match or coordinate. You can give someone both and they are set up for "Bible Journaling"!! on my list...
Blank Journal recovered and embellished
 Last of all, I bought one of the blank, lined journals at the dollar store, and as you can see, recovered and embellished using scrapbook and cardstock pieces, lace, rhinestones, and black squishy letters spelling out JOURNAL...The journal cost way less than $5.00, and all of the rest is of course, pieces and scraps from my stash...I have a granddaughter who loves the color pink...This may end up being a little part of her Christmas...along with the cash they are going to get!!!

I hope that this has inspired you to make up a couple of these, even after the holidays...I just love the altering part of the process, and I almost always have something on hand for a gift when something pops up... takes a lot of the pressure off, and helps you get in some artsy time for therapy reasons, lol!!!

Happy holidays, Merry Christmas, and I hope you all have a wonderful New Year!!

Happy Creating!!


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