Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I'm Back....With a Contest!

Journal Page / Scripture and Journal

Journal Page / Scripture and Journal

All pages are Scripture pages I have done using my Scripture and Prayer cards.
A contest!!! If you will send me an email (a clear one please, with "Contest" put in the WHO Section") of your newest, handmade mandela, not a copy of one, I will put your name in the hat for a drawing for some artsy goodies!! I'm thinking maybe .....stencils, colored pencils maybe, some chalks, maybe some papers I have made and cut shapes from, maybe even old pieces of costume jewelry for shapes...who knows?? If you have done one of my contests in the past, you know I will do you up, good and proper!!
(She is my enforcer, makes sure my artsy gifty's get sent out!)

One of my first Mandelas..
Maybe an addition to the prize pot!
The one on the bottom here is from my Etsy shop "https://www.etsy.com/shop/LaurasUniques" Laura's Uniques and I just have the feeling that someone might like to have it! If it has already been spoken for (I must have been asleep!!!) Then I will pick another pretty bauble for my lucky winner! Anyway...has anyone noticed the "Bible Study and Journaling" going on lately?? And how long has it been that I HAVE BEEN DOING THE SAME THING?? When I started, I didn't notice anyone doing it...now everyone is doing it!!! But to be a good sport, I am all geared up to go along with the others....I may use a bit different items for my scripture studies, but they all serve the same purpose...to get to know our Lord God and the words he spoke...I will also be using my Bible verse cards I was using on my other pages as well...you can order them from Amazon...check it out...they have scripture on one side, and prayers on the other side...they are what the two card shapes on each side of the pages below are....I make a large part of my own cards, designs and figurals, etc...If there is any interest, I could post mine, and you guys could print them out....We will see...
Journal Page / Scripture and Journal
Journal Page / Scripture and Journal

Journal Page / Scripture and Journal
Journal Page / Scripture and Journal
Possible little addition to the pot for the Contest winner!
mixed media and foiled ATC's.
Journal Page / Scripture and Journal
Well, that is about it for today..Don't forget to enter my little contest...it may end up not being so little!! Be sure to leave your name and address in the comment section when you sign up!!!

Happy Creating!!!

Laura Shelton..
(used to be Thykeson...
no longer...)

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