Friday, September 26, 2014

Getting Behind and Catching up!

Oh my!!! Has it really been so long since I did a new post for my blog??? Ahhh well, life dows have a way of interfering with the best laid, I am going to do something just a bit different. I am going to post about changes around my home, in my life and coming soon! So, lets get started, shall we???

1. I got my new dining room table assembled finally...Tony put it together for me, and I love it! It is actually called a "breakfast nook", but in my apartment, it is large enough to be called the "dining room table"! Below is a pic of it...
I know it is white against white, but I am seriously considering doing some stenciling or maybe even some freehand designs on the table and seating, just to spice it up a bit. I still need place mats, etc, but that is coming soon...

2. Started working on a new painting, measures 16 x 20", and I am doing it with collage using hand dyed papers, acrylics, dyes, no telling what all I am going to be using...I will post it when it is finished. I am also getting ready to start another painting using 3D masks attached to the canvas on top of a cool background...but background is still being decided upon, lol. I will show a pic of it when I have actually started it.
Painting with hand dyed papers, etc.

And, last but not least, I also had to get a new printer...pic below, lol This is big news around my house, because I hate changing anything in my art studio, and new contraptions take me a while to adjust...
It works fantastic, and hopefully can take a bit of abuse because I seem to be rough on things like printers and paper shredders, lol!!!

Ok, that seems to be the top stories lately since I posted time I am going back to my art and product reviews blogs, and I know you will be relieved, lol!!! Until then, I hope that you have a joyous life, full of hope, happiness, faith and love (don't forget the creativity!!!)

Here;s to having a great life, full of creative energy and all good things!!!

Happy creating!!!

Laura Shelton (Thykeson)

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