Sunday, July 22, 2012

Back to work soon...Videos are coming!

Above is a beginning of a mixed media painting, just a couple of layers so far....I used gesso, paper napkins printed with a lovely design, matte medium (liquitex brand-love it!), and more acrylic now has a lot more layers, I will show it to you once it is finished!

I went to my surgeon this last week, and he said that I could return back to work soon, as soon as a bit more of the soreness and fatigue goes away from my heart bypass...That means that my new videos will be making their way onto Art From Your Heart, my NING website before too much longer!!! I currently have 3 or 4 classes that are on hold, that had begun before my surgery, but they will be resuming very soon!

It has really touched me how nice, patient and caring all of my artist friends and clients have been about my surgery...I think that the artist community has some of the most gracious and giving people there is in the world out there! So, if you are in the mood for a new type of learning experience, come join us in any of my classes at! We are going to have some fun, and really learn to develop your own style-I am all about individuality and unique style, not trying to lead you into making things look just like my is YOUR art and it should be a reflection of YOU! We will celebrate everyone's personal style in each class, and on my website as well...I am planning to add some extra time onto my classes, to reward the ones who have so patiently waited for me to heal and return...also it is not too late for anyone to join any of the classes! I have 1 free class, and some others you can sign up for that aren't very expensive...I am going to be more active on the site from now on as well, so if you have any questions or comments, or just want to share your art, please join us there!!!

I will be showing you some easy tips for really making your art journal pages look great, kind of like a "cheat sheet", lol!!!
So sign up and tune in, and soon we will getting very busy, having fun and sharing with each other!

Watch my blog for another giveaway soon...Sharon won the hand-painted bracelet for the last drawing, and soon, I will be having another drawing for all of you to enjoy!!!

Happy creating!!!

Laura Thykeson

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