Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Wonderful Life....

I truly have a wonderful life...I appreciate it so much more because, last week, I had a heart attack, which landed me in the hospital for about ten days.....yes folks, a HEART ATTACK, after 2 bypass surgeries, 6 stents, and numerous other surgeries and malfunctions, I had the "big one"....luckily I live only 5 minutes from the hospital, but get this-I drove myself to the ER, in the midst of said "attack"....I was afraid that what was happening, but being the hard -headed person that I am, I refused to wait on the ambulance...I took meself to the ER and they were NOT happy with me when I got there.....nope, they chewed me out but good as they did all of the IV's and poking me with needles and bloodwork and flurry of activity. But you know what??? My quick action kept the evil attack from causing very much damage to my heart muscle, and for that fact, I am eternally grateful....I definitely had "an angel on my shoulder", which is the name of the recent art I did for a custom art tote I am having made by my dear BFF Pamela Joy, who is doing the design work and the sewing of said tote...I just did the art for it...this is the original piece, and then she got hold of it and started making her magic, and I should have it back soon to show you the finished product...She does mixed media art and fabric collage and layers and layers of color and fabric and lace and free motion stitching and thread painting, and all kinds of magical things,  and I canNOT wait to get it back into my hot little hands....but enough about my health issues...I now have 3 more stents which makes a total of 9 for me now, and I am running out of places to put them...I must make some large life changes and 2013 is going to be the year of transformation for me, into a cleaner living, more healthy living, taking care of myself type person (I have even lost 56 lbs in the last 6 months...)...if you want to join me, stay tuned, because I have a new workshop percolating in my brain, and I think it may be a good will only be an 8 week course, and I will make it where you can pay half at first, then the other half midway through, even though it isn't going to be expensive or anything...I have a "working name for it "Artful Blessings"...more info on it later when I have it all worked out in my head and on paper...

Lately, before the evil heart monster attacked me, I had been making some really cool ATC's using some polymer clay embellishments that I had made (no molds), which I haven't done in a while, but it was fun to get back to are a few more pics of what I came up with...

Most of these are traded already, but I have others if you are interested...just email me at and we will work a trade...I also made a couple of postcards that need a new home....

So, if you like postcards (the other side is blank if you want to use them and mail them to someone), just drop me an email, and they are yours, one or both....then last but not least.....

While I was in the hospital, I kept myself sane by making these little teeny tiny books....some are only about an inch big, others are like 4" x 4" and all in between sizes...just various sizes...some are accordion style, others are regular book style, stitched spines and all, ..some have collages and pictures throughout, others have blank pages....these need new homes as well...if you or someone you know would like to have one of these, just email me, would be happy to send you one...just let me know if you want one with blank pages or completed pages...I have both, and I can always whip up a new, now you see what I have been up to...maybe I have been working a bit too hard, but I love it and just can't stop!

One last bit of news...I found out today that I was chosen to be a Design Team Member for Altered Pages at ! This was SO exciting for me!!!! I love their website and products, and can't wait to get started with making up some designs for them...they especially liked my collages of women like the one below, so that gives me a great reason to do some more of them in this style, which I absolutely LOVE!!!!!
"Wish I had a bLUE dRESS"- mIXED mEDIA cOLLAGE
 I guess that is it for this time guys, but keep happy and healthy, and I am going to do the same...just what the doctor ordered, lol!!!

Happy creating!

Laura Thykeson

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