Sunday, June 23, 2013

Faith and Scripture Art Journal - A Page A Day

Today is the first official day of Summer...It is hot and windy this Sunday afternoon, and I have been sitting in my studio, trying to decide what kind of project to do that would really give me some inspiration, some positive feedback and feelings, not just another "arty", meaningless play in color and paper and paint...

As I sat and pondered what to do, I thought of Daisy Yellow's ICAD project, and what a great project that index card a day, easy enough, but just enough to get you going and keep you going, even on those days and weeks when inspiration is hard to find. I have done the ICAD project before and loved it, but I was still searching for something just a bit more meaningful for myself...then I remembered these little scripture cards I have been saving for about 5 years now! They are the size of business cards, and are the product of Ruth Graham, the great Rev. Billy Graham's wife. They are her favorite scriptures, taken from the King James version of the Holy Bible, and there are "180 verses covering 30 topics vital to the Christian life". I knew I had hit upon my next long term project, something to keep me going during the heat filled, sweaty Texas summer, something to uplift me and inspire me in more ways than one...I would love it if some of you would play along with me! You can find the Scripture cards on Amazon here:

I have altered a composition notebook, which I got for probably 25 Cents last year during the back to school sales. I covered the outside of my Scripture Art Journal with a pretty, summery looking cardstock, made a label for the front cover from an index card, and also glued on the Title Card from the stack of Scripture Cards. It has made a really cute little journal, and these are so great to work in, because you can relax and not worry about messing up a really expensive journal, or anything other silly reason your "inner critic" might want to throw your way to stop you from making some art...
I am planning to just do at least one card/page/Scripture a day, unless I want to do more than one, and just kind of wing it through this project. There really are no hard and fast rules for this one. Now, I just noticed that each card has Scripture on both the front AND the back of the cards...This means that I will just have to choose which side I want to use for that day, because I am planning on gluing a new card to each page as I work through them. I wish they were only printed on one side, but Oh well, I will make it work like it is...

I would love if you would join me in this-it is not expensive, it is a good warm up exercise before doing other arty endeavors and good for the Soul! Let me know if you decide to join in....Please leave your name and a comment...there just might be a free giveaway of something arty and fun for one of the lucky players! Come play along with me! It will be fun, I promise!

Happy Creating!

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