Saturday, August 10, 2013

Faith and Scripture Art Journal- Part II

Hello all!!!

I am up this fine Saturday since about 7 am, had my coffee and been busy ever since, with emails, and catching up on art projects I have going all at once...I have been working in my new Faith and Scripture art journal in the evenings, that I made from a composition notebook and scripture cards (read about it here... ) I have all kinds of journals and sketchbooks, and I just still am obsessed with using these comp notebooks for things like this project...go figure, lol!!! I have a few random pages to show you my laid back, relaxed approach to this whole project.

When I started to do this journal, I thought a bit about the "theme" and what did I really want to do with this particular journal....well, I wanted to use the time to really concentrate on and take in the meaning of the Scriptures and the Word and it's meaning to me, and still make some pretty pictures at the same time. But the art wasn't the focal point to me this time...the Scriptures were the focal point to me, so I decided to use a more laid back, relaxed, Expressive Art type of approach on the pages. This allows me the time to relax, enjoy it, meditate on the meanings and what it all means to me, and not worry about making a perfect page each time. I am really enjoying being able to unwind each evening, in bed even, while I work on my journal pages. They are simple and straightforward, and that is just the way I like them to be in this themed art journal! I thought I would share a few spreads with you to show you how it is coming along....If you click on them, they should enlarge so you can see the details better...

See how fun and easy these pages are! I think I am even sleeping better at night by doing this in the evenings before I go to sleep...! I am just going with whatever technique or colors hit me or are convenient...not a lot of writing on my part because in THIS journal, it's not MY words that really count-it's the Scriptures on the cards that count each page.

So, that is part of what I have been up to, and hope you all have a safe and happy weekend!

Happy creating!!


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